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Combine Header Trailers

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The  H-25   header trailer was designed with mutipul users in mind.  Farmers use them for hauling their combine heads to and from their fields while dealers use them for the pick up and delivery of new and used heads.  This trailer has the same stability at road speeds as our two larger models and will haul up to a 8 row corn or row crop head as well as a 25ft. grainhead.   The main axle on this trailer has 2"dia. spindles with 6 bolt hub assemblies rated at 3500lb. each.   Hubs have pressed in studs with plated lug nuts. The main header support area on this trailer is 22ft. long.

The universal brackets are fully adjustable and can be positioned for a row crop or grain head in minutes. Onced they are positioned for the type of head to be hauled, the driver seldom has to leave his seat.

Options for Golden Bell header trailers

RK-25 rigid kit

Above the  RK-25 rigid kit   is pictured installed on a trailer. This kit is sometimes needed when hauling a Western type rigid or rigid drapper headers. These headers often require a taller slope on the trailer which allows a better disconnecting of the combine from the header. For flex type headers it is sometimes used for more support around the sickle area.

RR-25 Radial Rear Tires                                          LB-25 Light Bar