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Round Bale Trailers

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The   GB-6  bumper hitch bale trailer is designed to haul 6 large round bales at one time.  This eliminates may trips to and from the field with your tractor and saves on the tire wear.  Unlike other models on the market the Golden Bell trailer is constructed of very heavy materials.   The main frame and axle are of 8" x 4" tube 3/8" thick, while all cross supports are of 4" x 4" tube 1/4" thick.  The cross supports and axle are continuous tubes and go through the main frame, unlike other models that simple weld on the outside of the main tube.  The main axle on this trailer has 2"dia. spindles with 6 bolt hub assemblies rated at 3500lb. each.   Hubs have pressed in plated studs with plated lug nuts, all trailers come standard with 12.5L x 15 implement 10 ply tires.

Model   GN - 6

The  GN-6  gooseneck bale trailer is constructed in the same high quality manner as the  GB-6 .  The gooseneck is welded solid then plated with 3/8" material at all joints, making it 3/4" thick in these areas.  The coupler is fully adjustiable and designed to accept a 2"and 5/16" ball, sorry the 3pt. spear is no longer available.

The Golden Bell bale trailes all come with rear hitches which allow you to pull one behind the other, this again save time and labor. Also as an option the  LB-5  light bar is available, the light bar comes with all ties and mounting hardwear.